If thinking is too hard, just #dontdoit

Samantha Suppiah
4 min readFeb 25, 2023

Health & Safety Warning:
This is a bullshit timewaster piece. Proceed at your own risk.

The Lobster Queen is dead. Long live the Queen! (Contrapoints reference, crossposted by
u/bannedandfurious, Reddit, 2020)

To properly experience this article, hit play on the video below and allow it to deftly set the mood as you take in the vomit-diarrhoea essay that retired healthcare executive and loud and proud white supremacist Michael Schundler left in part-response to B. Lorraine Smith’s piece, Treeplanting: As Unsustainable As Sustainability.

Meta-cringe is the new internet gold, people. Welcome to the future!

Samantha Suppiah has serious racial issues, that undermine her ability to see the world with a clear lens. My family (wife, children, and grandchildren) consists of native-born Africans, African Americans, native born Asians, Asian Americans, native born Haitians, Haitian Americans and yes American born whites. We are totally sick of the constant racial narrative that progressive liberals try to impose on society. We are Americans by birth or by choice, no other stereotyping label need be applied.

Obama is descended from white plantation owners through his white mother and Tim Scott, descended from slaves is referred to as “Uncle Tim” by progressive liberals because he does not buy into their racial narratives. The whole thing is pretty offensive. For those who prefer to look forward instead of trying to divide us into identity groups, the future can be very bright. Both individuals do share something in common, they have proclaimed their skin color does not define. them. So why does Suppiah feel so compelled to do define people based on skin color… where I grew up that is racism. So, let’s leave racism to the racists, including Ms. Suppiah, and focus on fixing the planet.

If you have invested enough time in the global warming debate including corresponding with the climate experts at the IPCC as I have, you will find that consistent with the film, Kiss the Ground, too much of the land that we have dedicated to “farming” single crops and thus underutilized as a resource. That is a problem…



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