Plantation Sustainability Starter Pack

Want a secure and comfortable career guaranteed in corporate and operational sustainability within the plantation economy that perpetuates development aggression across Southeast Asia through ecocide and ethnocide?

Samantha Suppiah
14 min readMay 21, 2022

Look no further:
Here is your FREE* Plantation Sustainability Starter Pack!

Let’s start with some affirmations.

Sit comfortably, adjust your posture, settle your arms loosely in your lap, open up your airways, take a few calming, knowing breaths, envision a beautifully healthy forest ecosystem lovingly enveloping the geological landscapes of Sabah and Sarawak..

Banner picture on Wilmar’s “oil palm plantation & milling” page depicting plantation workers spraying pesticides on young palm in the heat of the day

And repeat after me:

“Private sector actors have made great strides in tackling challenging, multi-faceted global issues such as child labour. Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come.”

“We monitor and evaluate our various sustainability programmes rigorously, and provide extensive and transparent reporting through our annual sustainability reports.”

“We operate in areas which experience a dire lack of services and amenities. Local communities would be much worse off if we hadn’t rolled out our



Samantha Suppiah

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