Urban Doughnut shortlisted for ‘Top 10 Most Promising Urban Planning Design Companies in South East Asia 2023’

Samantha Suppiah
3 min readFeb 7
Context: Urban Doughnut is a design consultancy where I currently host a few private, small-scale, self-funded and voluntary urban intervention projects, and a few academic advisory involvements on international research projects. I regularly get hilarious emails like this from “business magazines”.

Dear Samantha,

Greetings from Aisa Bsuniess Oultoko!

I am Squidward from Aisa Bsuniess Oultoko Magazine,

I am excited to inform you that our selection panel has shortlisted Urban Doughnut to be featured as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Promising Urban Planning Design Companies in South East Asia 2023’ in our upcoming second annual edition of ‘Urban Planning Design’. We want to feature a complete profile about Urban Doughnut in this edition.

This special edition, along with the Listing also includes articles from the Chief Architect, Chief Urban Designer, Director of Design, Architectural Detailer, Horticulturist, Urban Planner, Sr. Civil Engineer, Visual Designer, Director — Road Safety & Urban Transport, Research Associate-Urban Mobility, from Construction and Real Estate Industry. They will share their experience on industry aspects, problems, and new policy impact on business. These thought leadership articles from renowned leaders will be an excellent platform for Urban Doughnut to be featured along with them.

Aisa Bsuniess Oultoko is an enterprise Business magazine that reaches over 45,000 qualified print and 125,000 digital subscribers across all Industry verticals such as Builders, Developers, Construction companies and contractors, Infrastructure Development Companies, Aviation, Education, Healthcare, Sport and Entertainment, Hospitality & Leisure, Manufacturing Industries much more across Asia.

We want to feature Urban Doughnut with a customer-centric two-page profile about its unique offerings and meaningful insights in this edition. The profile will provide an in-depth perspective on Urban Doughnut offerings, services, customer-oriented business attitude, and unique proposition to your prospective clients. The resulting target readers’ engagement will ensure Urban Doughnut to secure and convert more business prospects.

We do seek a nominal fee towards the reprint package for the Urban Doughnut profile. To make this recognition even more persuasive, we will also provide Urban Doughnut with the Certificate of Honor, a Logo of the award, and complimentary 2 copies of the magazine, and…

Samantha Suppiah

Southeast Asian trickster. Design strategist for decolonial sustainability & regeneration. www.possiblefutures.earth/samantha